Currently in the Ring to My Left #21: Tuesday Night Titans May 10, 1985

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We’re back! In the season 2 premiere myself and Mr. Firch try our new streamlined process looking at Tuesday Night Titans from May 10, 1985. We discuss Bruno Sammartino’s popularity, the uselessness of David Sammartino, the origins of a kielbasa tree with Ivan Putski and gush about Roddy Piper and Bob Orton. We also talk about the necessity of a talk show having a Doctor on staff, especially one from U of Missouri. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Currently in the Ring to My Left #19: Monday Night Raw 12/22/1997


In this Christmas edition of the podcast Ryan and Mr. Firch travel back to the December 22, 1997 Raw, right on at the very beginning of the Attitude Era. We talk about early DX, red-hot Steve Austin, Firch’s favorite faction the white supremacist bikers and fan favorites, DOA, very early Rock, babyface rebel Owen Hart and the uselessness of Sgt. Slaughter as a commissioner. Enjoy the show and Happy Holidays!

Currently in the Ring to My Left #18: Primetime Wrestling January 19, 1987


In this edition Ryan and Mr. Firch take their first deep dive into Primetime Wrestling. We talk about the January 19, 1987 edition, featuring a lot of Hulk Hogan, even being mentioned in matches he’s not involved in like Poochie, kind of like how Hulk died on the way back to his home planet in August of 2015 and was never seen again. We also look at Don Muraco, Lanny Poffo’s leaping ability, Danny Spivey and Jimmy Jack Funk being the look-a-likes of a much better match and we take a very deep dive into the Rotundo family tree. Enjoy!

Currently in the Ring to My Left #17: Survivor Series 1990


Ryan and Mr. Firch do a Survivor Series-only pick this week and get a doozy, as 1990 is picked. Ryan and Firch talk about the the debut of the Undertaker, the Gobbeldy-Gooker, Hercules’s hungry butt and the Ultimate Warrior being a dick. All this and much, much more on this edition. Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!

Currently in the Ring to My Left #16: Mid-South Wrestling December 4, 1984


This week, Ryan, the Doctor and Mr. Firch take their first trip to Mid-South Wrestling on December 4, 1984. In this episode we talk about an odd Terry Taylor video package/date review, a Hacksaw Jim Duggan video package, a 19 year old Shawn Michaels against a pre-beard Ted DiBiase, compare Hacksaw Jim Duggan to Hacksaw Butch Reed, the Rock n’ Roll Express and their rugged good looks and pre WCW Jim Ross. Plus for the second week in a row we get rising Currently in the Ring to My Left superstar Jack Victory in action. Enjoy!

Currently in the Ring to My Left #15: World Championship Wrestling May 27, 1989


Ryan and Mr. Firch take their first foray into the NWA with World Championship Wrestling from May 27, 1989. We talk about the Great Muta, Terry Funk’s voice, the hossiness of the Road Warriors and Samoan Swat Party, Scott Steiner wrestling in tighty-whiteys, Teddy Long being drawn to tag team matches and a doctor discussing Ric Flair’s neck injury. Enjoy!